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Blog Posts in December, 2011

A Guide to Your Delivery Options

Having a baby can seem frightening, especially for those experiencing childbirth for the first time. Becoming more educated about the procedures and options available, however, can go a long way in ...
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Differences Between Child and Adult Cancers

We may sometimes look at children and see smaller versions of ourselves, but deep down, we know that children have needs and medical issues much different than our own. The healthcare professionals ...
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Possible Treatment Options for Lower Back Pain

There can be many different causes of back pain, from an overuse injury to spinal stenosis. Regardless of the cause, living with chronic back pain can be difficult and frustrating. Below are some of ...
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Controlling Your Blood Sugar Levels

Many people do not know about the importance of controlling their blood glucose (sugar) levels. Without proper management, one can end up with unsteady energy levels and other more serious medical ...
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Want to Learn More About Our Recent Blog Topics?

Are you at risk for breast cancer? Why is physical therapy crucial after a total knee replacement? If you are interested in more information on reducing the risk of breast cancer, the importance of ...
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