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West Hills Hospital & Medical Center is your community resource for better health. We have the capability and expertise to perform emergency open heart procedures, perform brain and spine surgery.

Blog Posts in May, 2016

Heat Exhaustion Prevention Tips for Summer

Heat exhaustion is a serious health risk that occurs when temperatures start to rise during the summer. When heat exhaustion occurs, emergency care is necessary to reduce the risk of complications. ...
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Building Better Wellness for the Whole Family

West Hills Hospital provides comprehensive inpatient and emergency care services for your entire family when you need them most, but prevention is the true key to staying healthy. Fortunately, there ...
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Red Flags to Warn You of Arthritis

There are over 100 different types of arthritis, and they all have unique symptoms. There are some signs of arthritis, however, that are consistent and seen in nearly all forms of the disease. By ...
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How Do Blood Clots Lead to Stroke?

Blood clots are the cause of the vast majority of strokes. While there are several different factors that can influence your risk of developing a blood clot that could eventually trigger a stroke, ...
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