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West Hills Hospital & Medical Center

Beds: 225 Staff: 900 Physicians: 450

West Hills Hospital & Medical Center offers the full compliment of advanced technology, compassion and responsive care for the improvement of human life. Our expert physicians and clinicians, and every employee, strives each day to bring outstanding service to the bedside. Serving the West Valley for 50 years, West Hills Hospital brings “Quality Care, Close to Home”.

  • The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO)
  • The California Medical Association
  • The Continuing Medical Education Programs of the California Medical Association
  • The American Heart Association as a member of the Emergency Heart Program
  • The College of American Pathology
  • The Association of American Blood Banks
  • The Board of Registered Nurses for Continuing Nurse Education
  • The American College of Radiology

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  • on Google+
    I came to this hospital emergency room for chest pains. I didn’t even sit in the waiting room for one minute before they took me back and ran tests. (There were no other people in the waiting room, very efficient). They wheeled me back into the nursing area and took very good care of me. The nurses were attentive, pleasant, and concerned with my health. I was admitted and checked into an empty semi-private room. Never had another patient in my room for the 2 days I stayed there. Had an angiogram and heart stent procedure and left happy and healthy. Professional, clean, and responsive staff. What more could I ask for?

    Devin H.

  • on Cast page
    I would like to start by saying a big THANK YOU to all the staff at West Hills for saving my daughter Lydia”s life, especially Dr. David Z. Schreier ,Dr. Alan Darush, Dr. Roger Amerian, Dr. Jon F. Willen, Dr. Frank C. Candela and Dr Richard Alberts and all the staff in ICU you are all one in a million and I appreciate all the time, love and dedication you gave to my daughter. The staff at West Hills go above and beyond for their patients, not to mention the support they give to the families.They are very professional and excellent at what they do I would highly recommend West Hills to everyone.
  • Karen
  • ‚Äčon Yelp

    This is by far one of the best hospitals I have been too…although I haven’t been to too many hospitals. In 2010, I had my son here. It was a great experience. The nurses were super friendly and professional. I had my own room that had an extra bed for my husband. The labor and delivery floor was clean and the way it was arranged was really nice because there was a loop that new mothers could walk with their new babies. The nurses in the nursery were really attentive about the baby and after my c-section would bring him to me during the night even the first night so I could try to feed him. Also, from what I remember, the food wasn’t as bad as the usual hospital food.

    In 2011, my mom had a medical emergency and ended up in the emergency room at WHH. She did not have to spend any time in the waiting room of the ER, was seen right away and emergency surgery was performed a few hours later. They took great care of her and she was happy with the treatment she received.

    Last weekend my 2 year old had a high fever and again we ended up in the emergency room. Although it was a crowded night, we waited no more than 15 or 20 minutes to be seen. Once inside, a nurse began to examine my son right away and a doctor came to examine him shortly thereafter. They quickly diagnosed him and he was given something to reduce his fever and prescriptions for antibiotics (he had a severe double ear infection.) I was a little worried about how quick the exam was, but the next day, our pediatrician confirmed the ER doctor’s diagnosis and prescriptions. We were in and out in less than two hours and the whole thing was relatively easy.

    I am going to be delivering there again in the next few weeks and hope the experience is just as good as last time.

    Ellen C.