A Guide to Your Delivery Options

Newborn Care

Having a baby can seem frightening, especially for those experiencing childbirth for the first time. Becoming more educated about the procedures and options available, however, can go a long way in helping you to feel more confident about beginning the process.

From the location of the birth to pain management, there are many decisions to be made about the birthing process. Create a birth plan, but also accept the possibility that things may not go exactly as planned.

  • Location of the birth
    A hospital, birthing center, or at home are the main options for where to have your baby. Most hospitals will offer a new mom special accommodations, including a birthing room and other private rooms for family members to sleep.  Birthing centers create a more home-like setting, but with medical technology readily available. Home deliveries, like birthing centers, are only recommended for women with a low-risk pregnancy.
  • Who will assist with the birth
    OB/GYNs or perinatologists are often the natural choices to assist in the delivery of a baby, but family practitioners may also be qualified to deliver in some areas. A certified nurse-midwife is trained to care for healthy pregnant women and work closely with a physician who is available for consultation or assistance.

  • Indications for a Cesarean section
    C-section refers to the surgical delivery of a child, as opposed to a vaginal delivery. During this procedure, the doctor makes incisions in the abdominal wall and uterus of the mother to remove the baby if either would be endangered by a vaginal delivery.  In most cases, this surgery is performed due to need, not because the mother has chosen it.

While a baby’s birth does not always go as planned, it is still valuable to spend time learning about your options and discussing them with your doctor. At the West Hills Hospital & Medical Center, we offer specialized maternal and child health services to provide each patient with a safe, joyful birthing experience. To learn more about the services offered at West Hills Hospital & Medical Center , visit our website or call our friendly staff at (818) 676-4000.

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