Cardiac Rehabilitation following a Heart Attack

Heart Health

Experiencing a heart attack can be the most frightening event in a person’s life. Lowering the risk of future cardiac problems and receiving guidance in life choices can go a long way in giving a heart attack survivor peace of mind. Cardiac rehabilitation , commonly called cardiac rehab, is a professionally supervised program dedicated to exactly that; aid in the healthy recovery of these cardiac patients through education and increased cardiovascular function.

It is a medically supervised inpatient and outpatient program designed to help each patient make the necessary changes to improve their cardiac and overall health through:

  • Increasing exercise tolerance, and therefore, also increasing overall cardiovascular function
  • Decreasing the anxiety associated with heart disease to enhance self-confidence
  • Educating each patient to make the lifestyle changes necessary to control the factors increasing their risk for heart disease, which include high cholesterol, obesity, stress, smoking, and a sedentary lifestyle
  • Helping each patient to regain the confidence they need to perform their everyday tasks.
  • Having each patient evaluated by all relevant disciplines
  • Designing a specific program of exercise, activities, stress management, and group activities for each individual patient
  • Providing each patient with the community resources available to them, such as support groups, exercise groups, and American Heart Association activities
  • Following up with the patient to ensure a successful outcome

Cardiac rehab is divided into three phases. Phase I is the acute hospital phase in which the patient is educated by a team from multiple disciplines and is closely monitored by licensed staff. Phase II is an outpatient monitored exercise program that is supervised by ACLS-trained staff. Phase III is supervised but unmonitored and serves as a gym and support group for recovered cardiac patients.

At West Hills Hospital & Medical Center , we offer a cardiac rehabilitation program to those who suffer from heart attack and other cardiovascular issues. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of this program, contact our staff at (818) 676-4000 or visit our website.

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