Minimally Invasive Surgery: Advantages and Benefits


In recent years, the development of more advanced surgical techniques has revolutionized the way in which many procedures are performed. Instead of having to perform a surgery through a wide and open incision, many procedures can now be executed through incisions only centimeters long with the help of advanced camera equipment and high-definition monitoring systems. These less-invasive surgical techniques provide many benefits for the patient, including:

  • Reduced pain
    By performing the surgery through tiny “keyhole” incisions and utilizing the most advanced surgical technology, surgeons can often perform the procedure with a higher degree of precision, resulting in less damage to the skin and underlying tissues. This reduced tissue damage will in turn result in less bleeding during the procedure and significantly reduced pain after surgery.
  • Reduced scarring
    In addition to reducing the discomfort of surgery, minimally invasive techniques will also often reduce the scarring left behind by the procedure. The tiny incisions used to perform the surgery are usually much less noticeable than those used for traditional open surgical procedures.
  • Reduced recovery period
    The reduced trauma, blood loss, and pain that are associated with minimally invasive surgery translate into a shorter recovery time and a much shorter hospital stay. With this reduced recovery period comes a much quicker return to normal daily activities and reduced healthcare costs.   

West Hills Hospital & Medical Center offers our community the full range of minimally invasive surgical options performed by a team of board-certified and experienced surgeons. Our entire surgical staff is specially trained to care for the postoperative patient and is dedicated to his or her continued health and wellness. Contact our staff today at (818) 676-4000 to find out more about our comprehensive, state-of-the-art surgical services and how they may benefit you.

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