Cancer Care at West Hills Hospital & Medical Center

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At West Hills Hospital & Medical Center, our goal is to provide the community of West Hills with the highest quality patient care possible. Our cancer care facility helps us to accomplish this goal by offering cancer patients accessible, sophisticated diagnostic and treatment options at a convenient location. Our main cancer care services include:

  • Cancer Physician Team
    Our cancer care physicians come from a variety of backgrounds and specialties, from surgical oncology to neurology and urology. This multi-disciplinary team provides each patient with a personalized treatment plan that is created through feedback and input from many different specialties.
  • Colorectal Cancer
    West Hills recommends that patients over the age of 50 or those with other risk factors for colorectal cancer be screened regularly according to their physician’s recommendation. Our cancer care center offers the men and women of our community various screening options for this disease, including colonoscopy and FOBT.
  • Diagnostic Imaging
    State-of-the-art diagnostic imaging is vital not only for the treatment of cancer, but also in its early detection. West Hills offers patients the full range of advanced imaging modalities, including MRI and CT scanning.
  • Lymphedema Management
    Lymphedema is a condition that is caused by the obstruction of the lymph vessels that leads to swelling in the affected area. The specialists leading the Lymphedema Program at West Hills work to help cancer patients better manage their condition through improved education and treatment techniques.
  • Women’s Diagnostic Center
    The Women’s Diagnostic Center at West Hills provides the women of the San Fernando Valley with the full range of imaging technology in one convenient location. The facility provides access to ultrasound, mammography, DEXA scanning, and much more.

West Hills Hospital & Medical Center has invested millions of dollars into our Cancer Care center to make sure that our patients receive the highest quality of state-of-the-art treatment. If you are in need of an experienced and compassionate cancer specialist or have questions, call our 24-hour Consult-A-Nurse toll free referral line at (818) 676-4000.

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