Cardiovascular Fitness

Cardiovascular Fitness

The heart is a hard-working muscle that continuously pumps oxygenated blood throughout the body. Like any other muscle, regular training and physical activity can improve its functioning and efficiency. Fortunately, you do not have to be an Olympic athlete for your heart to benefit from physical activity—you just need to remain active in your daily life. Even simple acts like walking can provide you with improved cardiovascular efficiency over time. 

Participating in regular physical activity to improve cardiovascular fitness will not only reduce your risk of heart disease, but can potentially provide a host of other benefits.  Fitting exercise into your daily routine can help to improve your:

  • Physical abilities: Over time, regular exercise will improve your heart’s ability to pump blood throughout the vessels of the circulatory system. You will also see improvements in your agility, endurance, muscle strength, and energy levels.
  • Appearance: Regular physical activity will help to control your weight while improving muscle tone, resulting in a tighter, thinner appearance.
  • Overall sense of well-being: Exercise provides more than physical benefits—it also improves your psychological health in many ways. Those who exercise frequently report reduced stress levels, decreased anxiety, and diminished feelings of depression. 

Even if you already suffer from cardiovascular disease or another chronic medical condition, exercise can still help to improve your overall health. Make an effort to get out and exercise for at least 30 minutes a day for most, if not all, days of the week. Strength activities such as weight lifting can also help to improve your health and increase the strength of your muscles and bones. 

Committing to a long-term health plan involving physical activity will improve your sense of wellness and overall quality of life. If you are interested in finding out more ways to look great and feel better, contact the healthcare experts at West Hills Hospital. Our nurses are available all day, every day to answer your questions—call today at (818) 676-4000.

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