Common Childhood Emergencies

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Any parent knows that active children are likely to encounter a few accidents during adolescence, but did you know that unintentional injury is the leading cause of death and disability in children between the ages of one and 14 nationwide?  We here at West Hills Hospital Emergency Care Services recognize that it’s impossible to protect your child from accidents at all times, but you can still anticipate and prevent some of the most common causes of childhood accidents.  Listed below are some childhood safety statistics:

Auto Collisions & Pedestrian Accidents

Studies from the IIHS show that the overall crash rate for teenagers between 16 to 19 years old is four times higher than it is for older drivers.  Younger children are also prone to passenger injuries within the vehicle, as well as pedestrian injuries outside of the vehicle (particularly in non-traffic areas such as driveways and parking lots).  Reduce the likelihood of auto-related injuries through proper driver education, appropriate safety restraints, and supervision in traffic-prone areas.

Suffocation & Drowning

According to a report from the Safe Kids Worldwide nonprofit organization, suffocation and choking incidents are the second-leading cause of death in children.  A chilling estimate in the same report states that nine out of 10 fatal events occur due to a simple lapse in supervision.  Prevent your child from playing unattended around water, even if your child knows how to swim; older children can still become stuck in pool filtration equipment underwater.

Seasonal Trends

Studies show that the summer months from May to August consistently pose the highest rate of unintentional childhood injuries.  During this period, the incidence of drowning increases by 89 percent, bike-related injuries by 45 percent, falls by 21 percent, and motor vehicle occupant injuries by 20 percent.

If and when your child is in need of emergency care, our team here at West Hills Hospital & Medical Center is prepared to provide timely, high-quality medical services for your entire family.  Call (818) 676- 4321 or visit us online to see our live ER wait times.

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