Mini Strokes (TIAs): Don’t Ignore Symptoms, Act FAST

A transient ischemic attack (TIA), also known as a “mini-stroke,” is a serious warning sign of an increased risk for an actual stroke.  This video explains how to recognize and react to TIA/stroke symptoms.

TIAs exhibit the same effects as a stroke, including sudden numbness, loss of vision, and trouble speaking.  While the effects of TIAs are temporary, the National Stroke Association estimates that approximately 40 percent of TIA victims will go on to suffer a full stroke.

When it comes to stroke care, time saved equals brain cells saved, and our specialists here at West Hills Hospital and Medical Center have the resources and experience to provide you with accurate and timely emergency healthcare.  Call (818) 676-4000 today to schedule an appointment with a stroke care specialist if you exhibit the symptoms described in the video.

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