Is Bariatric Surgery Right for Your Weight Loss Needs?

Obesity is a significant problem in American adults and children, and it can be a serious threat to an individual’s health. Weight loss surgery is one solution for obesity that has helped many people get back in control of their health, but it is not always the most appropriate method for dramatic weight loss. Below are some indicators that bariatric surgery is the best choice for you.

Measuring the beerbelly

You have a BMI of 40 or higher

Bariatric surgery is a procedure reserved only for those considered morbidly obese, which means having a Body Mass Index above 40. Some people with a lower BMI in the range of 35-39 may be considered for surgery if pressing health issues like diabetes are present. BMI is a calculation that accounts for height and gender when considering the risks of an individual’s weight.

Other weight loss methods have failed

Those who do get bariatric surgery need to be committed to significant lifestyle changes that last for a lifetime. Therefore, they may have experience with other weight loss strategies that have failed after reasonable effort was put in. You should thoroughly discuss your weight loss efforts with your physician before considering surgery, as your doctor will be able to help you weigh the risks to decide if it’s the right option.

Obesity is damaging your health

Conditions like diabetes, sleep apnea, anemia, and hypertension are common among those who get bariatric surgery. These conditions need to be controlled to prevent early fatality due to more serious problems, such as heart disease or stroke. If your health is in a more critical state, surgery may be too risky for you.

November is the perfect time to take bariatric surgery into consideration because it is American Diabetes Month. Start learning about your options to reduce your risk for diabetes and get your weight under control by attending a Weight Loss Surgery Support Group at West Hills Hospital & Medical Center . Sign up for this group and explore our other free health services on our website or by calling (818) 676-4000.

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