A Biological Look at Coping with Stress

While it is commonly believed that stress early in life impacts a person’s emotions and personality, it can actually leave an imprint on an individual’s DNA! Watch this video to learn all about stress, including the differences in how men and women handle strife and what you can do to increase feelings of wellbeing in difficult situations.

Stress can become a struggle when a person’s naturally high-strung disposition combines with a lack of control over a situation that does not have a definitive end. Seeking social support and finding ways to exert control over the circumstances can help you feel better equipped to deal with stress.

West Hills Hospital & Medical Center’s H2U membership includes a variety of free classes designed to foster social relationships while relieving stress. Call (818) 676-4000 to find out how you can join and start learning to knit, bowl, play bridge, and more!

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