• Learn to Be Nutrition Savvy So You Can Achieve Your New Year’s Weight Loss Goals

    Consuming prepackaged foods when you are at the grocery store can save you time in your meal prep, but it may also add a significant number of excess calories to your diet. When you take the time to read food labels, you can avoid falling into a calorie trap that can promote weight gain . Keep this catchy tune from the FDA in mind when you do reach for prepackaged food items so you can remember to stick to calorie limits and pay close attention to serving sizes.

    For more tips to help you get healthy and lose weight this year, consult West Hills Hospital & Medical Center. Check out our website or call us at (818) 676-4000 to learn about our H2U program that can give you regular updates for healthy living along with access to classes and events for good health.

  • Cervical Health Awareness Month: Time to Check Up on Your Reproductive Health

    The month of January is Cervical Health Awareness Month, so it is the perfect time to make an appointment with your gynecologist for an annual check-up. Your well-woman check-ups including Pap tests are important for many reasons, and one reason is that they play a critical role in cervical cancer prevention and early detection. Here is a closer look at what is involved in the Pap test and some other important screenings for women’s health.

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    Pap test

    Pap tests are performed during pelvic exams. The doctor will scrape a small sample of cells from the cervix, and these are tested for any abnormal developments such as infection or cancer. The test can also detect HPV , which is an often symptomless STD that can cause cervical cancer if left untreated. Results from the Pap test will generally be available within a few days of your doctor visit.

    Pelvic ultrasound

    If you have abnormal Pap test results or you are experiencing symptoms such as lower abdominal pain and heavy menstruation, your doctor may recommend a diagnostic pelvic ultrasound. This test is performed by a radiologist, and it uses high-frequency sound waves to create images of the pelvic organs. Conditions like polyps, fibroids, and endometriosis may be diagnosed through this test.

    Breast exam

    Your gynecologist may also remind you to check in with your breast health, especially if you are over the age of 40. If you are of this age, you may need your first mammogram to screen for breast cancer. Because breast cancer and cervical cancer are linked to many of the same causes and risk factors, they are both important considerations for your preventive health.

    Find the complete women’s care you need including advanced digital imaging at West Hills Hospital & Medical Center. Contact us throughout the month of January for helpful tips on women’s health by visiting our website or calling us at (818) 676-4000.

  • Start The Year In Good Health

    This year, you can make your New Year’s resolution one for better health with support and education from West Hills Hospital & Medical Center. Explore our fitness classes and weight loss surgery seminars that can help you with your goals by visiting our website or calling us at (818) 676-4000.

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    AmericanPregnancy.org takes a look at the development of babies in the third trimester of pregnancy.

    Know what birthing classes can do to relieve your anxiety and concerns when your due date is approaching.

    The American Diabetes Association explains how weight loss surgery can be beneficial in managing type-II diabetes in obese individuals.

    Want to know how bariatric surgery can change your life? See what it has done for patients who have had it with this study from the NIH.

    The National Cervical Cancer Coalition is gearing up for Cervical Health Awareness Month on their website.

  • Are You Tired of Diets that Don’t Work?

    New Year's Weight Loss Resolution

  • Make a Change for Your Health this New Year by Deciding If Bariatric Surgery Is Right for You

    If obesity is a problem for you that has led to health issues such as type-II diabetes and poor heart health, you may be considering weight loss surgery to help you get healthier. Bariatric surgery is not right for everyone, but it has made an impact for many people living with severe obesity. Here is a look at some questions to ask yourself as you get serious about weight loss and start thinking about surgical weight loss.

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    Have I tried other weight loss methods?

    When you start to discuss weight loss surgery with your physician, he or she will ask what strategies you have used to try and lose weight in the past and why they were unsuccessful. You might make a log of the diets and programs you have used so it is easier to review them with your doctor. Because there are risks involved in surgery that would not be present with other weight loss techniques, your doctor will want to make sure that more conservative solutions are not options for you.

    Am I ready for a lifelong change?

    A common misconception about bariatric surgery is that it is a quick fix or temporary change that will yield weight loss. However, surgery is only the first step in a lifetime of positive changes , so you should be ready to make the commitment to better health for years to come.

    How much weight do I need to lose?

    Weight loss surgery is usually only an option if you have a BMI of 40 or higher, which would put you in the range of morbid obesity. In some cases, patients with a BMI between 35 and 40 will be considered for surgery, but this only occurs when serious health issues are a factor.

    To learn more about the details of surgery and take the next steps in planning your procedure, attend a Weight Loss Surgery Support Group at West Hills Hospital & Medical Center . Sign up to reserve a spot in the next meeting by calling our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (818) 676-4000 or heading to our website.

  • Why Women Need to Be Aware of Their Heart Health

    For decades, women have not been getting the heart health care they need, because it was not widely known that women are just as much at risk as men.

    This Go Red for Women video from the American Heart Association dispels the myths about women and heart disease and explains why women should seek healthcare providers who are aware of the risk that heart disease poses for females.

    To get a closer look at your own heart health and make steps toward a better future for your heart, visit West Hills Hospital & Medical Center . Contact us online or call our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (818) 676-4000.

  • Resolve to Get in Shape at Any Stage of Life This Year with West Hills Hospital

    It is never too early or too late to start taking more control of your health, and one of the best ways to get in better health is with physical activity. If you need a little push to get up and get moving or you want to be sure that you are using the right kinds of activity for your fitness level, West Hills Hospital can help you. Our Center for Fitness and Rehabilitation offers programs for people of all ages and medical backgrounds, so there is no excuse not to get fit this New Year. Here are some general guidelines to follow as you progress through a fitness program with us.

    Patient at the physiotherapy

    Start small

    You might not be able to step out of the front door and run a mile today, but you can probably run to the end of your street or take a light jog around the block. Start with whatever is comfortable for you , and know that you will be able to do more if you keep at it.

    Set continuing goals

    While it is best to start with small, easily manageable goals for your fitness, you should not stop there. Think in the long-term as well so you have somewhere to go when you meet your initial goals. Once you reach a level of fitness you are happy with, set out to maintain that with a regular exercise routine that will continue to benefit your health.

    Check-in along the way

    As you get moving, you should speak with your doctor about how your new active lifestyle will affect your health. Continue to see the doctor throughout your journey to better fitness so that you can see your health improving and be sure that you are still exercising safely for your current state of health.

    Whether you are nine or ninety years old, West Hills Hospital & Medical Center is here to guide you toward better fitness. Learn more about our fitness programs and other preventive health education services by visiting our website or connecting with our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (818) 676-4000.