Answers to Common Questions About Heart Disease


Many Americans have been affected by heart disease . Whether you have a relative who has suffered a heart attack or you yourself have been diagnosed with high cholesterol, heart disease manifests in varying ways and degrees. Though it is a rampant problem in the United States, not enough people understand the risk factors inherent to heart disease or how to identify its presence. The following questions and answers can help you learn more about this serious condition and how to prevent it.

Am I at risk for heart disease?
Multiple factors can contribute to heart disease. Some risks, such as age or gender, cannot be changed. However, you can largely control your likelihood of getting heart disease by altering other risk factors tied to lifestyle habits. For instance, cease smoking immediately. You should also make it a priority to keep your weight at a healthy level and engage in a regular fitness regimen, as both obesity and inactivity can lead to heart disease.

What are the signs of heart disease?
Physicians stress taking preventative measures to avoid heart disease because its signs go largely unnoticed until a severe complication occurs. Symptoms such as high blood pressure or elevated cholesterol are not generally evident without medical testing. Knowing what to look for in the event of a heart attack can potentially save your life, though. Signs such as nausea, breathing trouble, and chest pain can each indicate a heart attack.

What can I do to minimize my risk for heart disease?
As mentioned, eliminating damaging habits and incorporating heart-healthy ones is essential for protecting yourself from heart disease. Because the early indicators of heart disease can come on without notice, you must also make regular cardiovascular checkups with a medical professional. Only a qualified heart specialist can either give you a clean bill of health or identify early heart disease signs.

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