Exploring the Medical Costs of Obesity

Obesity can impact every aspect of your life. Excessive weight not only influences your physical health, but also affects your financial well-being. Because obesity so frequently leads to serious health conditions, which demand extensive and costly medical care, many people find themselves burdened by both unwanted weight and mounting bills. The following information provides an overview of conditions and expenses people can expect. If you suffer from obesity, consult with a physician who can discuss your surgical weight loss options.

Diabetes patient measure glucose level blood test

Heart Disease

Heart disease is the most pressing health problem in the United States, in large part because of the rising rate of obesity . Heart disease can manifest in a number of ways, from high blood pressure to elevated cholesterol to heart attack. At best, obese individuals need medication to regular these conditions. At worst, they may be sidelined by a heart attack for days or weeks, resulting in costs for hospital stays and missed workdays.


Stroke is an extremely serious condition. Though medical advances have provided for faster and more effective care, many patients still suffer from severe disability after stroke has occurred. This means temporary or permanent work leave for some. For others, it can also translate into years of physical therapy to regain function and independence. However, when you take steps to eliminate obesity, you also significantly reduce your risk for stroke.


Under the best of circumstances, those with diabetes must frequently take medications to stabilize their condition. Even when under superior care, however, diabetic individuals may suffer complications that impact their health and financial well-being. Many experience difficulties with extremity function, vision capability, and hearing capacity. Once diabetes is diagnosed, managing it becomes a lifelong responsibility. Prevent the onset of diabetes and its accompanying problems by managing your obesity now.

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