Give Dad the Gift of Health with These Men’s Heart Health Reminders

Heart with heartbeat

Father’s Day is just days away—what are you planning to do for your dad? Why not help him become proactive about his heart health? Heart disease is the leading cause of death among men in this country; but with proper preventative care, many of the factors that contribute to this condition can be successfully managed. West Hills Hospital & Medical Center has a range of cardiovascular services available for our male patients. This June, help your dad safeguard his heart health by urging him to seek proper care.

Get him checked for high cholesterol
Many of the foods that men eat can compromise their heart health. Processed meats, eggs, and butter all contain high amounts of cholesterol that can be harmful to the circulatory system . If your dad loves to indulge in these types of foods, urge him to have his cholesterol levels assessed; high cholesterol often shows no signs of its presence until the cardiovascular system suffers permanent damage.

Undergo testing for elevated blood pressure
High blood pressure is another condition that presents no detectable symptoms, but like cholesterol, it can produce dire effects on the cardiovascular system. The longer high blood pressure persists, the greater chance that a person’s arterial walls can weaken from the pressure. Many heart health experts recommend that all adult men, regardless of age, receive screenings for the detection and treatment of high blood pressure.

Have his body mass index calculated
Obesity can severely impact your dad’s heart health. Excessive weight makes it all the more difficult for the heart to pump blood throughout the body. Over time, this constant strain can lead to heart failure and other cardiovascular issues. To avoid these potential problems, have your dad’s body mass index, or BMI, regularly checked by a healthcare provider. If his BMI registers too high, his doctor can advise him on his options for weight loss.

West Hills Hospital & Medical Center wants each member of your family to experience optimal health. To schedule an appointment at our cardiovascular center, call (818) 676-4000. We offer cholesterol, blood pressure, and weight assessment services for West Hills residents.

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