Summer Safety Guidelines to Help Your Family Avoid Trips to the ER This Season

Escaping the summer sun

Southern California enjoys perennially beautiful summers, which means that soon your family will likely be heading outside to take advantage of the warm weather and beautiful sunshine. West Hills Hospital & Medical Center strongly advocates taking proper preventative measures when engaging in outdoor activities to safeguard your family’s health. To minimize your risk of injury this summer and need for emergency care , keep in mind these safety guidelines:

Stay away from fire hazards
Backyard barbeques are common during the summer months. While a barbeque is a great opportunity to gather friends and family, this popular pastime also presents the risk of injury from open flames, grease spills, or overheated grills. When using a grill, make sure that all children stay away from it. Also, exercise caution if you plan to set off fireworks . Never allow children to play with these explosive devices, and ignite legal fireworks only in areas clear of other people.

Keep a close eye on children in pools
Enrolling your children in swimming lessons can help them become comfortable in water. Lessons are not a substitute for adult supervision, however. If you are tasked with pool supervision duties, don’t allow distractions such as phone calls or text messages keep your eyes from the pool. It’s ideal for all adults on watch are trained in CPR, in case a child becomes submerged and requires immediate medical attention.

Wear safety gear when needed
Biking and skateboarding are two favorite summertime activities, but a fall from either apparatus could result in serious head trauma. If you or your children go out for a family ride, provide helmets for everyone in your group. This single piece of safety gear could prevent a concussion, laceration, or other head injury.

Would you like to learn more summertime safety tips? Call West Hills Hospital & Medical Center at (818) 676-4000 to ask a representative how you can protect your family. If you require emergency care, you can visit our website for up-to-the-minute ER wait times.

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