Foods That Every Mom-To-Be Should Avoid During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy can encourage certain food cravings, and most of the time, these yearnings are harmless. Obstetricians ask only that expectant mothers steer clear of a few types of foods that may prove dangerous to their growing babies. West Hills Hospital & Medical Center encourages pregnant patients to call our maternity hospital should any questions arise regarding unsafe foods. Here are a few items that expectant mothers should not eat for the safety of their baby.

Soft Cheese

In general, cheese consumption is acceptable during pregnancy. Dairy products such as cheese, milk, and yogurt contain calcium, which is essential for an unborn baby’s growing bones. Maternity hospitals want expectant mothers to make a distinction between hard cheeses and soft cheeses. While hard cheeses are safe to eat, soft cheeses, including feta, Gorgonzola, and Brie, may contain the bacteria Listeria. If a pregnant woman consumes too much Listeria, it can result in blood poisoning.

Unwashed Produce

Fruits and vegetables are safe for pregnant women to eat as long as they have been properly cleaned. Vegetables in particular should undergo a thorough washing before consumption. The substance toxoplasmosis, which is dangerous to unborn babies, is often found in the ground. Because residual traces of toxoplasmosis may be present on vegetables, it’s important to scrub fresh produce prior to mealtime.

Uncooked Meat

Animal products of any kind, including chicken, fish, or beef, must be thoroughly cooked before a pregnant woman eats it. To make sure that a meat product is sufficiently cooked, insert a food thermometer to confirm its internal temperature. As with unwashed produce, raw meat can contain toxoplasmosis.

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