Ways You Can Reduce Arthritis Pain Every Day

Arthritic hands holding flower

Arthritis often reveals itself in small ways, such as when you’re making your bed in the morning or cutting up vegetables for dinner. West Hills Hospital & Medical Center understands how frustrating these circumstances can be, which is why we offer total joint care services for arthritis sufferers. We also encourage our patients to introduce small lifestyle changes for the alleviation of arthritis pain:

Revamp Your Wardrobe
Trying to fasten buttons and tie shoelaces can prove a painful task when battling arthritis. When shopping for new clothing and footwear, look for articles that take the strain off stiff wrists and fingers. Instead of buttoned shirts, look for pullovers that require no closing of fabric. Purchase jackets with wide zippers or Velcro. Velcro can also be useful when putting on shoes. Many specialty shoe stores carry Velcro options for individuals who need easy-to-wear footwear.

Space Out Your Cleaning Duties
Putting aside a single day for cleaning your home can put undue strain on your joints. Instead of attempting to accomplish all your housework goals in a single session, spread out your domestic duties . Do laundry in the morning, vacuum in the afternoon, and clean dishes at night. By spacing out your at-home chores, you can avoid arthritis flare-ups.

Invest in Cooking Aids
Cooking and baking can be relaxing for many people, but if these activities cause joint pain, they can quickly become aggravating. You don’t need to chop your own vegetables to make them a delicious part of your meals. A food processor can take care of those cooking needs for you. Home goods stores carry an extensive array of cooking aids that can make your mealtime preparation a pain-free chore.

Don’t let persistent arthritis pain interfere with your life enjoyment. West Hills Hospital & Medical Center can help you find successful strategies for managing your joint issues. Call our West Hills facility at (818) 676-4000 to find out more about our total joint care program. Our Consult-A-Nurse Healthcare Referral program can also help arthritis sufferers learn more about their condition.

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