How to Improve Your Heart Health Through the Winter Season

Heart disease related fatalities are statistically higher in the winter, so preventive heart health is particularly important during the holidays. You may be busy with entertaining, shopping, and decorating, but you will still want to take some time for your health with these heart-friendly activities.

Heart with weights

Add Extra Exercise to Your Routine
Exercise can help relieve stress, cut down on holiday weight gain, and improve your circulation. Even short exercise breaks can make a big difference, so consider taking a walk or doing some jumping jacks when you have a spare moment in your day. You can also fold exercise into your holiday routine by walking extra laps at the mall.

Take a Break From Holiday Chores
When you become overwhelmed by holiday stress, you should take a break for some alone time and therapeutic deep breathing. If you get a chance, you might indulge yourself with a massage or hot bath.

See the Doctor for a Checkup
Knowing your numbers is critical to managing your heart health. Your doctor can measure your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar and provide solutions based on your health history and daily habits. Many of the risk factors for heart disease are unassuming, so you should see the doctor annually to stay up-to-date with your heart health.

Cut Down on Seasonal Junk Food
Foods of the holiday season are typically high in sugar, fat, and sodium, and are thus poor choices for your heart. Indulging on special occasions will not do much harm, but you should stay armed with healthy snacks and holiday recipes with lower-fat ingredients than traditional foods.

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