Exploring the Unlikely Signs of Heart Disease

Some people might assume that heart disease presents only with a heart attack or other emergency situation. Yet before a life-threatening condition like a heart attack or stroke occurs, you may be able to detect more subtle signs of heart disease. With early detection, you can receive the treatment you need to avoid more dangerous situations in the future. West Hills Hospital urges all our patients in the West Hills area to be aware of the following symptoms:

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Heart failure is a form of heart disease that occurs when the heart cannot pump blood as efficiently as it should. In some cases, this condition can cause fluid retention in certain areas of the body. The lower extremities are particularly at risk, due to the added stress on the lower circulatory system to bring blood back to the heart and lungs. As a result, edema can present in the legs and feet.

In addition to the wide variety of nutrients it carries, your blood also provides fresh oxygen to all the cells in your body. If your heart cannot pump blood as well as it should, your cells may suffer from a lack of oxygen. Poorly oxygenated cells can bring on chronic and severe exhaustion. If you feel tired on a regular basis, yet you sleep for the recommended amount of time, your fatigue may be an early sign of heart disease.

Weight Fluctuation
Heart disease can cause your weight to both increase and decrease. If you already suffer from fluid retention, those substances can add to your weight. Under some circumstances, however, abdominal swelling can bring on weight loss. If edema presents in the abdominal region, it may adversely affect your eating habits. When you do not get a sufficient amount of calories on a regular basis, you may lose weight as a result.

Are you experiencing any of the aforementioned signs? Then call West Hills Hospital at (818) 676-4000. We have the first accredited Chest Pain Center in LA County, an official STEMI or critical heart attack receiving center and we are ranked among the top centers for heart attack treatment response time. Our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral system can help you determine whether your symptoms warrant a medical examination.

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