Knowing When to Go to the ER for Chest Pain

Chest pain can often be a cause of concern, but it may not always demand emergency care . Some serious symptoms often associated with chest pain require swift medical attention, as they typically indicate the presence of a heart attack. West Hills Hospital stresses the importance of knowing common heart attacks signs. If you experience any of the following conditions while suffering from chest pain, seek emergency care as soon as possible.

Businessman Suffering From Heart Attack.

You Feel Sick to Your Stomach
A heart attack may bring on more than pain; it can also cause you to feel nauseated. In some cases, sufferers even vomit. Without chest pain, this symptom may be indicative of the flu or food poisoning. If you are already having chest pain, however, nausea  can point to a heart attack . Should you suddenly feel sick to your stomach, or if you experience bouts of vomiting, call 911 or have someone take you to the ER.

You Can Sense Pain Beyond Your Chest
Many people believe that heart attacks produce pain only in the chest. On the contrary, this condition can lead to extreme discomfort in other regions of the body, too. Women in particular are susceptible to pain symptoms that present in areas other than the chest. If you experience intense discomfort in your shoulders, arms, or face—with or without chest pain—contact 911 or your nearest emergency care facility for help.

Your Chest Pain Presents in an Abrupt Manner
Chest pain can develop in a variety of ways. Some people may experience chest pain over the course of a few days or weeks if they have heartburn or pneumonia. Other conditions can also lead to the occurrence of chest pain. If your pain comes on suddenly, though, it may require emergency care.

West Hills Hospital can provide the quick and comprehensive care you need if you suffer a heart attack including not one, but two cardiac CATH LABs which matters a great deal when seconds count. To learn more about the range of treatment services we offer for heart attack patients, call (818) 676-4000 to speak with our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line. You can also visit our website to view our current  ER wait times