Are You Prepared for a Visit to the Emergency Room?

Emergency sign

Emergency care is often a circumstance of surprise and commotion. One minute you are preparing a family dinner, and the next minute, you might be rushing to the ER with a lacerated finger. During the rush of trying to get medical attention, you can overlook several important factors, including where to find the best emergency care available. To ensure that you receive the quality ER treatment you need, West Hills Hospital asks that you keep in mind these emergency care tips:

Know Where to Receive Emergency Care

If you or a loved one was suffering from a serious illness or injury , would you know how to get to the nearest ER? Not knowing ahead of time where you should go can result in misdirection and frustration. Before a medical crisis occurs, talk to your doctor about the location of the emergency care department that can best suit the needs of your family. You may also want to do a test drive to the facility to ensure that you know the most immediate route to it.

Bring Essential Personal Belongings

Even under the best of circumstances, an ER visit may take hours to complete. It might even require hospital admission. To make sure that you or your loved one has the items you need for a comfortable experience, pack a small bag that contains all requisite belongings, including clothing, toiletries, and books.

Have Medical Information on Hand

To provide the best possible emergency care, the ER staff needs a complete medical picture of you or your loved one. Having immediate access to your medical history or that of your family can facilitate treatment decisions made by the emergency care doctors and nurses. It’s never too soon to sit down with your family and create a comprehensive medical history that lists all past and present conditions that may influence future treatment.

Let the emergency care staff at West Hills Hospital help you find swift relief from the injury or illness that brought you to our facility. We offer comprehensive ER treatment for patients of all ages who reside in the greater West Hills region. Call (818) 676-4000 today to find out more about our full range of services or current ER wait times

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