What Are the Benefits of Eating Right?

Diabetes Superfoods

Many people look to proper nutrition as a way to keep their figures under control. While it’s true that eating right can provide numerous benefits that enhance appearance and self-confidence, establishing a wholesome diet can offer a wide array of important health advantages as well. West Hills Hospital urges the residents of West Hills to keep in mind these significant attributes of eating a well-balanced diet:

Lower Cancer Risks

Cancer can develop due to many reasons. Excessive sun exposure can lead to skin cancer. Tobacco usage can bring on lung cancer. However, diet can make a difference when it comes to many other forms of this disease. Especially when poor food choices contribute to weight issues, it can increase the risk of kidney cancer, colorectal cancer, and breast cancer. When individuals become proactive about eating nutritious meals and snacks, they can decrease their danger of suffering from these conditions.

Reduced Danger of Type 2 Diabetes

Unhealthy eating habits can bring on several chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes. This condition, which develops when the body becomes insulin resistant, often stems from high-calorie and high-sugar diets. Once type 2 diabetes presents, sufferers must make a lifelong commitment to monitoring their blood glucose levels to prevent the onset of diabetic complications, including infection, nerve damage, and loss of eyesight. Children and adults alike can avoid these problems by eating foods devoid of added sugars and excessive calories.

Better Cardiovascular Function

Heart disease leads all other illnesses when it comes to loss of life. Yet this condition is largely avoidable when healthy lifestyle habits are in place. Long before a heart attack or stroke occurs, individuals with heart disease typically develop high blood pressure or high cholesterol. These risk factors often stem from eating foods high in sodium and fat. To prevent becoming another victim of heart disease, enjoy foods that contain little salt and unhealthy fats.

West Hills Hospital can help you take action to protect your health. Regardless of your current state of wellness, we can provide you with the tools you need to prevent or manage cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. To schedule a physical examination at our West Hills facility, call (818) 676-4000.

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