Where to Find Answers to Your Health Questions

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Quality healthcare should be available to everyone regardless of whether they are receiving hospital treatment. In fact, getting wellness guidance while healthy can help to prevent future medical problems. That is why West Hills Hospital offers regular speaking events for individuals who reside in the greater West Hills community. Our Speakers Bureau allows participants to discuss their most pressing healthcare questions and concerns with industry experts. This program was formed to increase public awareness of how to facilitate optimal health and what to do when illness compromises it. Our hospital selects speakers with the knowledge and experience necessary to educate others on a range of wellness topics, including nutrition, exercise, workplace activities, and cancer care.

To provide our West Hills patients and residents with information pertinent to their everyday lives, we encourage topic requests that can be submitted online or with a phone call. To speak with an associate about our Speakers Bureau services, call (818) 676-4000. We would be happy to discuss our upcoming events and record your topic request.

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