Understanding the Benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery

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West Hills Hospital strives to provide patients with the most effective treatment options available. Among our many advanced care services, we offer minimally invasive surgery in place of several traditional surgical procedures, including hysterectomy and appendectomy. Eligible patients who undergo these leading-edge surgical treatment options often enjoy the following benefits:

Less Postoperative Discomfort

Conventional surgery uses significant incisions to access the body part requiring treatment. Though incisions are integral to surgical care, they often require the cutting of skin, muscle, and even bone. As a result, patients sometimes experience considerable pain after surgery that limits their mobility. Minimally invasive surgery involves the use of smaller incisions to reduce tissue trauma and postoperative pain.

Minimal Surgery Scarring

Some surgeries take place in conspicuous area of the body, such as the neck and midsection, making postoperative scars highly noticeable to others. Thanks to the use of minute incisions, minimally invasive surgery can lessen the appearance of scarred skin, making it an attractive alternative to conventional surgery. Less scarring can also make it easier for surgeons to provide follow-up treatment should additional surgical procedures be necessary.

Swifter Recovery Period

Traditional surgical treatment requires weeks or even months of reduced activity or bed rest as the incisions and affected tissues heal. This consequence of traditional surgical procedures is highly inconvenient to individuals who wish to return to their work, domestic, and social obligations. Since minimally invasive surgery demands less substantial trauma to the body, patients can heal more quickly and get back to their daily routines. With reduced trauma, minimally invasive surgery recipients may also experience fewer instances of excessive bleeding and infection, which can likewise hamper recovery efforts.

Find out how minimally invasive surgery can play a part in your treatment needs. To find out more about the minimally invasive procedures that West Hills Hospital provides, call (818) 676-4000. Our Consult-A-Nurse representatives in West Hills are available to discuss your questions and concerns. 

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