What Is the Cause of Your Chronic Headaches?


A day of too few fluids or too many allergens can bring on the occasional inconvenient and painful headache. Headaches of a chronic nature, such as those that persist for days or weeks, may point to a more serious condition that requires professional attention. West Hills Hospital encourages local residents to contact our West Hills facility if they suffer from chronic headaches, which may develop for any of the following reasons:


Too many people dismiss stress as an insignificant presence in their lives. However, the anxieties of work, family, finances, and other pressing concerns can have a substantial impact on health. Studies have found that chronic stress can contribute to many conditions, including depression and heart disease. It is also a common factor for chronic headaches. Finding healthy ways to combat stress can alleviate feelings of anxiety and the ongoing headaches that arise from them.


Concussions can occur from any incident that causes serious trauma to the brain. Though athletes are at a greater risk for suffering concussions —especially those who participate in contact sports—anyone may experience this condition. When a slip and fall accident, car crash, or forceful collision causes the brain to contact the interior of the skull, it can lead to dizziness and loss of consciousness. Concussions can also contribute to chronic headaches even after immediate symptoms disappear.

Brain Tumor

If stress or a concussion is not to blame for chronic headaches, an existing brain condition may be the culprit. A brain tumor can put pressure on nearby nerves and produce ongoing discomfort. Though researchers are still looking into the reasons why brain tumors develop, numerous treatment options are available to individuals with them. Depending on the nature of the growth, a neurology team may use medication, surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation to address the tumor and its headache-producing side effects.

Let West Hills Hospital help you find relief from your ongoing headache problems. Our neurological department offers comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services for individuals in the West Hills community. Call us today at (818) 676-4000 for more information .

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