What Happens If You Are Diagnosed with Breast Cancer During Pregnancy?

pregnant woman

The thought of a cancer diagnosis during pregnancy may sound like a nightmare, but it is a possibility—especially as women are getting pregnant later and later in their childbearing years. While the chances of encountering breast cancer in pregnancy are rare, women should know how to cope with this diagnosis if it does come up.

Not all pregnant women with breast cancer will undergo treatment during pregnancy. The decision to start therapies will depend on how far along the pregnancy is, the location of the tumor, the spread of the cancer, and the size of the tumor. Surgery is typically the preferred method of treatment when the patient is pregnant, because it has the fewest risks for the developing fetus. Treatments like radiation and chemotherapy will likely be delayed until after pregnancy, because they can have serious side effects for a developing baby.

Facing a breast cancer diagnosis is tough in any circumstances, but the multidisciplinary cancer care team and care coordinators at West Hills Hospital can help you get through it. You can reach us to discover more information about our prenatal care and cancer treatment services online or at (818) 676-4000. 

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