Getting on the Right Path to Quitting Smoking for Good

No Smoking

If you’re trying to quit smoking, setting a date can be helpful and empowering. Consider making your quit date the third Thursday of November, which is the date of the annual Great American Smokeout sponsored by the American Cancer Society. There are many methods of quitting smoking for good; you can experiment with several to find one that works for you. Consider visiting your local hospital to explore smoking cessation resources, such as prescription medications or nicotine replacement products.

Some people find it helpful to get their thoughts on paper. Write a list of all of your perceived obstacles toward quitting smoking and then brainstorm solutions for each challenge. For example, you might write, “It’s hard to quit when I’m stressed out,” followed by a solution such as “I can find healthier ways of coping with stress, such as talking to a counselor or starting an exercise program.” You might also consider writing a list of all of your reasons for quitting smoking. Write the list on a small index card and keep it in your wallet. Whenever you crave a smoke, pull out your list and remind yourself of what you’re working toward.

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