What Are the Benefits of Robotically Assisted Surgery?

Doctor Talking to Patient

Minimally invasive surgery has long been touted as a better alternative to traditional open surgery for many patients. In recent years, another advance in this field has made minimally invasive surgery even more appealing to both doctors and patients. Community hospitals are beginning to offer robot-assisted surgery, which has unique benefits. A skilled surgeon will remain in full control of the technology at all times; the surgery is never directed by a robot.

Superior Imaging

Although minimally invasive surgery is ideal for patients, it does have a drawback: It limits the field of view for the surgeon. Since a series of small incisions are used, surgeons must rely on a tiny camera that is inserted into an incision. The robot-assisted surgery system relies on a 3D high-definition vision system. The surgeon can magnify any image up to 10 times, allowing a very close view of the surgical site.

Precise Movement

Surgeons control the movements of the robotic arm with their own hand movements. However, the robot-assisted system translates these hand movements into even more precise movements that minimize any hand tremors from the surgeon. Additionally, this surgical system features mechanical “wrists” that are capable of bending and rotating to a degree that greatly exceeds human capabilities.

Safer Procedure

To date, surgeons have used robot-assisted technology for more than one million procedures worldwide. Since it became available, the technology has been credited with making surgeries safer for patients. There may be a reduced risk of surgical complications, for example. Additionally, patients may require less narcotic pain medicine after the procedure.

Accelerated Recovery

Another benefit of robot-assisted surgery is that patients can generally enjoy a faster recovery. They’re more likely to shorten their hospitalizations and to recover faster at home.

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