How to Prevent Head Injuries


Head injuries can cause severe symptoms, and sometimes, they may lead to long-term complications or even death. You can take some simple steps to reduce your and your family’s risk of suffering head injuries. For example, you can reduce the chances that you’ll fall in the home by installing handrails along all steps, installing adequate lighting, and removing tripping hazards from the floor, such as loose electrical cords. You can reduce your child’s risk of falling at home by installing safety gates at the bottom and top of staircases and by locking windows.

Automobile accidents are another common cause of head trauma. To lower the chances of involvement in a car accident, never drive after consuming alcohol or using drugs. Make sure you and all of your passengers wear a seatbelt. Young children should always be buckled properly into an appropriate car seat for their height, weight, and age. If you or your kids play sports during which contact is a possibility, helmet use is necessary. For example, a person should always wear an appropriate helmet for horseback riding, in-line skating, bicycling, skiing, skateboarding, and playing football or hockey.

In the event that you do suffer a head injury in the West Hills area, you can turn to West Hills Hospital for emergency care . For general information about keeping your family safe, call our community hospital at (818) 676-4000.

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