What to Expect in Cardiac Rehabilitation


Following a heart attack, cardiac surgery, or other major cardiac conditions, your doctor will likely recommend cardiac rehabilitation as the next step in your care. Cardiac rehabilitation is a highly customized program in which patients work with a coordinated team of physicians, nurses, dieticians, and physical therapists to reduce the risk of further stress on the heart and promote a more active lifestyle. This article will explore more of the details of cardiac rehabilitation so you can learn what to expect as you get on your feet after a heart-related hospital visit.

Multi-Phase Care

At West Hills Hospital, cardiac rehab takes place in three phases. Phase I is an inpatient program that takes place in the hospital as the rehabilitation staff closely monitors initial recovery and exercise. Phase II is an outpatient monitored exercise program, and Phase III is an ongoing support group and gym available to recovered patients seeking additional resources for their new heart-healthy lifestyles.

Increasing Physical Activity

Throughout rehabilitation, a primary goal will be to get you up and moving with a carefully designed and monitored exercise program that will strengthen your heart without putting too much stress on your body.

Dietary Planning

A balanced diet will be essential for a complete recovery and the energy needed to carry out your physical activity plan. Your doctor and a registered dietician may work with you to design a diet that will help you achieve your goals in rehabilitation and promote a healthier future.

Cardiac Risk Management

In addition to diet and exercise, cardiac rehabilitation may address other health conditions and habits that may be contributing to cardiac health issues. Consistent communication throughout the rehabilitation program will facilitate personalized care that is tuned to your unique needs.

For a closer look at the heart health services offered at West Hills Hospital through the West Hills Regional Heart and Vascular Institute , visit our website or call us at (818) 676-4321. We provide full-service cardiac care 24/7 to support the needs of the West Hills community with the most advanced treatment technologies available. 

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