A Look at the Care Team in the ER


When you are in need of emergency care in West Hills , an entire team of medical professionals will help you get the right treatment for you. Who exactly will you encounter in the ER when you seek treatment? Here is a look at some of the people involved in your emergency care.

Triage Nurse

After an administrative staff member checks you in for emergency care, you will see a triage nurse. The triage nurse will ask you questions about your symptoms and will take your vital signs. The role of the triage nurse is to determine the severity of your condition so he or she can determine in what order patients should be seen. The ER prioritizes care for patients with life-threatening emergencies. For instance, if you go to the ER with chest pain, you will usually be seen quickly in case you’re having a heart attack, while if you go to the ER for a minor injury, you may wait a little longer for treatment.

Primary Nurse

In the emergency room, the primary nurse performs several duties. He or she performs a wide range of emergency tasks, including cleaning wounds and administering IVs, communicating with patients’ families, and making arrangements for patients to be admitted into other floors of the hospital as needed. Primary ER nurses have specialty training in emergency medicine services.


After being evaluated by a nurse, you will see an emergency room physician. The physician may diagnose your condition and offer treatment or he or she may call in a specialty physician, depending on the nature of your emergency. The physician will also determine what steps to take next, such as admitting you to the hospital or referring you for follow-up care.

West Hills Hospital & Medical Center provides emergency care 24 hours a day backed by the full scope of our hospital services. You can find out more about our emergency care and our West Hills hospital by calling (818) 676-4000.

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