Types of Rehabilitation to Aid in Stroke Recovery


When a stroke occurs, emergency care focuses on restoring blood flow to the brain to prevent the loss of brain tissue. After this emergency care, the focus then turns to recovery. The road to recovery for stroke patients can be lengthy and involves many different kinds of rehabilitation. The exact nature of rehabilitation required depends on the nature of the brain injury caused by the stroke. Here is a look at some of the types of rehabilitative care that can be helpful after a stroke.

Physical Therapy

If a person’s mobility is impacted during a stroke, then physical therapy can help. Physical therapists can help treat motor and sensory impairments. After a stroke, patients usually avoid using the limbs that were injured. However, with physical therapy, patients work to use those limbs, which promotes brain plasticity and reduces the disability. In addition to helping people regain mobility, physical therapy can also help people with pain after a stroke.

Occupational Therapy

After a stroke, patients may have to relearn how to do everyday activities, including grooming and meal preparation. An occupational therapist helps patients regain these skills. They can also teach patients new ways to perform activities when the stroke has caused permanent damage. Occupational therapists may also help stroke survivors re-learn how to drive.

Speech-Language Therapy

Speech is often affected after a stroke. This is called aphasia. Speech-language pathologists help patients regain their language skill and develop new ways of communicating as needed. This kind of therapy involves conversational coaching, writing exercises, and practicing following directions.

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