Playing It Safe with Fireworks This Summer


Fireworks are a quintessential element of summer fun, but they can be extremely dangerous when they are not handled with care and used correctly. Injuries caused by fireworks tend to affect the face, hands, and eyes primarily, and these injuries account for more than 200 ER visits every day in the United States in the weeks surrounding the Fourth of July holiday. To steer clear of fireworks injuries and ensure safe summer fun, follow these guidelines for appropriate fireworks safety.

Always utilize adult supervision

Young children should only be spectators when it comes to fireworks. Never let a child light or handle fireworks, and always supervise when kids play with sparklers. Because fireworks and sparklers can burn at temperatures up to 2,000 degrees , injuries can happen quickly, so close supervision is a necessity.

Only light fireworks in open areas

Clear, open spaces are the only safe environment to light fireworks. You should have a clear path to get out of the way once fireworks are lit, and remember to avoid trying to relight fireworks that have not fully ignited, since there is a higher chance for injuries caused by projectile materials.

Keep a bucket of water or hose close by

Any firework that has been lit should be doused with water to be sure that it has fully gone out before being put in the trash. Keeping plenty of water nearby will help you remember to douse any burned fireworks and allow for a quick response in the event of a fire.

Never carry fireworks in your pocket

Fireworks can leave a combustible residue on clothing, so you won’t want to hold them in your pocket.

If accidents do happen with seasonal fireworks, Grossman Burn Center at West Hills Hospital offers comprehensive burn care with inpatient and outpatient services including intensive care and hyperbaric therapy. To connect with West Hills Hospital for a closer look at our emergency care and burn services, visit our website or call us at (818) 676-4321.

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