Why Are Burn Injuries More Common in the Summer?

Burn injuries can happen anywhere at any time due to causes as diverse as scalding hot liquids to malfunctioning electrical appliances. However, burn injuries are particularly prevalent during the summer, given the popularity of barbecues, campfires, and similar pastimes. Prevention is key; however, if you or a loved one does suffer this type of injury, the team at the Grossman Burn Center at West Hills Hospital can help.

Outdoor Cooking

Barbecues and campfires are good ways to enjoy the pleasant weather while preparing a meal. However, they can be particularly hazardous for young children. Never allow children around a heat source and always make sure an adult is supervising the cooking area. Be sure to keep children at a safe distance long after the meal is complete; grills can stay hot for a long time. Additionally, it’s a good idea for adults to avoid consuming alcohol near a fire. When putting out a campfire, douse the ashes with water, stir the ashes, and then douse them with more water. This can reduce the risk of burn injuries from a fire that appeared to have burned out hours ago. Many people go into burn centers with severe injuries because they touched or kicked the logs of a campfire that had appeared to go out the night before, yet were still smoldering.

Fireworks Displays

Specialists at burn centers tend to treat more injuries around the Fourth of July because of fireworks. Even when a fireworks display is legal, it can cause serious burn injuries. Burn injuries may be more likely to occur if spectators go inside the barricade surrounding a fireworks display. They can also develop because of fireworks used at home, such as sparklers. Sparklers can burn at about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which means they are unsuitable for use by children.

The emergency care department at West Hills Hospital is fully equipped to handle all types of serious medical problems, including burn injuries. Our world-renowned Grossman Burn Center provides a continuum of care, from acute care to rehabilitation. If you require emergency care in the West Hills area, please call 911 immediately; otherwise, you can speak with a registered nurse at our community hospital by calling (818) 676-4000.

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