Can You Be Too Young for Joint Replacement?

When it comes to joint replacement, you might imagine that the average patient is over the age of 65 and leads a fairly inactive lifestyle. In recent years, however, there has been a big shift in demographics for knee and hip replacement procedures. About 41% of patients who undergo total joint replacements are under the age of 65, and these patients often experience favorable outcomes with these procedures. While there is some hesitation to have joint replacement earlier in life because of the relatively short lifespan of prosthetic joints—typically about 10 years—many younger patients are finding that surgery is still the best answer to chronic joint pain and immobility. Keep reading for a closer look at joint replacement surgery for younger adults seeking more active lifestyles.

Higher expectations in joint replacement

Joint replacement surgeries have become much more sophisticated with better prosthetics and minimally invasive approaches. This has driven up the expectations of what one can do with a joint replacement in terms of exercise and daily activities. With improved outcomes in surgery , adults under the age of 65 may be more drawn to surgery, even with the possibility of secondary surgeries later in life.

Potential for active lifestyles

Chronic knee or hip pain can sideline you from your favorite activities and significantly diminish your quality of life. If you are dedicated to an active lifestyle, joint replacement may be the best option to help you participate in the activities you love. Studies have also shown that younger adults have shortened recovery times compared to older patients, because they are in better physical shape.

Future development in surgical technologies

While there is a chance that you may need a repeat surgery in 10-20 years with any joint replacement, there is also the possibility for vast development in new surgical technologies. By the time you need a secondary procedure, surgery may be more evolved to optimize comfort and minimize stress on the body.

At West Hills Hospital, we remain dedicated to the most advanced technologies available for our orthopedic care. We also provide comprehensive care with rehabilitation and physical therapy integrated into our Joint Replacement Program. To learn more, visit our website or give us a call at (818) 676-4321.

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