A Look at Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

If a baby is born prematurely, or if a problem develops in the first hours of life, quick and capable medical care is essential. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at West Hills Hospital offers emergency care for newborns who need to stay at the hospital, either because they are premature or because they are experiencing unexpected health complications. Our 11-bed maternity hospital provides exceptional care to all of our patients, including specialized care for serious medical conditions.

Transportation to the NICU. When it comes to a newborn’s health, time is of the essence. Our healthcare staff stands by ready to transport a baby to the NICU at any time. Oxygen, feeding tubes, medications, and other resources will be available for care of your newborn. Neonatologists, nurses, nutritionists, and respiratory therapists will also be present at the NICU to ensure that your newborn receives treatment as needed.

Staying at the NICU. Every newborn’s medical needs are different, so your baby may need to remain at the NICU for days, weeks, or even months in order to ensure stable health. Tests will be taken as needed, and a specialized plan will be developed to treat your newborn. A trained occupational and physical therapist will also be on hand to ensure that your baby is getting the exercise and interaction necessary for good health.

Visiting the NICU. The experienced neonatologists who provide care at our NICU will be available to answer all of your questions about your newborn’s health. We understand that this can be a tense time for new parents, so our NICU staff members will do everything possible to educate you and put you at ease.

If you have any questions about the Level II-b NICU at West Hills Hospital , feel free to contact our medical team today at (818) 676-4321. Our NICU staff is dedicated to ensuring that all of our young patients receive the exceptional medical care they deserve. For additional information about our healthcare services, visit our website.

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