Home Safety Tips to Minimize ER Visits

Home safety should be a priority for every family, especially for those with young children or elderly individuals. One way to minimize visits to the emergency care department is to take a tour of your home to assess potential hazards. Pay close attention to your kitchen and bathrooms, since accidents frequently occur in these places. If you need assistance with childproofing your home, consider talking to a pediatrician at a nearby maternity hospital . The maternity care providers of West Hills Hospital are dedicated to helping families stay healthy while living life to the fullest.

Kitchen Safety

With its sharp knives, hazardous cleaning chemicals, and plethora of small objects that a child may choke on, the kitchen is one of the most dangerous places in the home. If you have a small child, consider using a safety gate to block access to the kitchen entirely. As your child grows older, you’ll need to take additional safety precautions to minimize visits to the emergency care department. Any small objects that might be swallowed should be kept out of reach, including refrigerator magnets. Keep all bags, sharp objects, glass items, and hot items out of reach.

Bedroom Safety

Your pediatrician can advise you on keeping your child safe in his or her bedroom, such as by using a crib that meets safety standards and never putting babies to sleep with objects that may suffocate them. For adults and seniors, bedroom lighting often poses a safety hazard. Keep a flashlight or a lamp next to the bed to prevent falls during the night. Remove all tripping hazards from the floor.

Bathroom Safety

Parents of small children should keep certain items out of reach or locked away, such as medicines, mouthwash, perfume, and cleaning fluids, along with sharp objects such as razor blades. If the household includes an elderly person, modifying the bathroom can help prevent falls. For example, you could install grab bars in the shower and by the toilet, install a raised toilet seat, and place non-skid strips in the bathtub.

When you or a loved one does experience an emergency situation, the emergency care team at West Hills Hospital is here to help. Our comprehensive emergency care services include stroke care and heart care, along with our world-renowned Grossman Burn Center. Families throughout the West Hills area can direct non-emergency inquiries to a registered nurse at (818) 676-4321.

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