She’s Our Pearl:

Devoted ED volunteer Pearl Essner, a long-time and beloved friend to patients and staff at West Hills Hospital, is Volunteer of the Month, according to Senator Fran Pavley who, each month, selects one volunteer whose efforts make a difference in our community.

Under the guise of a hospital tour, State Senatorial District 27 Field Representative Dusty Russell, came by West Hills Hospital recently to present the recognition to Pearl while members of the management team looked on.

“I always felt in my life I wanted to give back to the community in which I lived; I thought what better way to do it than to help in hospital?” Essner said. “This is where my heart is – this is my calling. I love volunteering and the fact that I’m being rewarded for it is over the top.”

Essner, who primarily volunteers for the Emergency Department as the hospital’s lead volunteer and volunteer trainer, also volunteers for the speaker series and in the Errand and Escort Office. Additionally, she serves on the Volunteer Advisory Committee and helps steer the course of volunteer appreciation events.

“Pearl has managed to master the trick of both being professional and compassionate and especially during times of crisis in the Emergency Department, Pearl is an essential part of the team,” said Stephanie Nelson, Volunteer Services Director.

West Hills Hospital has an excellent team of doctors and nurses, said Douglas Long, President and Chief Executive Officer. “But their time with each patient can become limited which is why volunteers like Pearl who stand in the gap deserve our thanks and recognition,” Long said. “Pearl is one in a million and we are so very lucky to have her support as a volunteer.”

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