Emergency Healthcare: Where EMS Fits In

When West Hills residents experience chest pain that may indicate a heart attack, get involved in a serious car accident, or experience any other type of medical emergency, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) steps in to offer life-saving help. EMS systems are always available to respond instantly to emergencies. To protect the public health and safety of the West Hills community, the emergency care providers at West Hills Hospital work closely with EMS systems.

What does EMS Do?

You may already be familiar with the basic functions of EMS. When an emergency occurs and you call 911, the emergency dispatcher activates EMS in your community. The EMS network dispatches an appropriate responder to your location, such as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or a paramedic. Depending on the type of emergency, these EMS providers may work closely with law enforcement officers, firefighters, and other emergency responders. When EMS personnel arrive at the scene of a medical emergency, they quickly assess the situation, stabilize any critical patients, and transport patients to a nearby hospital or trauma center via ambulance or helicopter.

When Should You Call 911?

For children and adults alike, it can sometimes be difficult to know when a 911 call is appropriate or when it might be better to seek non-emergent transportation to the hospital. It’s important for parents to help their kids know when to call for emergency help. Some common indicators of medical emergencies include the loss of consciousness, severe physical trauma, uncontrollable bleeding, respiratory distress, and severe allergic reactions. When discussing EMS with young children, it may be helpful for parents to use roleplay. While pretending to be a 911 operator, a parent can coach the child through providing the location, child’s name, and the basic details of the emergency.

The emergency care providers of West Hills Hospital encourage families to learn to recognize the signs of a medical emergency and to know how to respond appropriately. West Hills residents are invited to explore our current classes and events , which may include infant and pediatric CPR. You can get in touch with a registered nurse at our community hospital by calling (818) 676-4321 or visit our website for further information about our emergency care, Grossman Burn Center, and other hospital services.

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