Getting Enough Activity for a Healthy You in the New Year

Although it’s common knowledge that physical activity is essential for good health, many individuals do not meet the recommended guidelines for exercise. If you resolved to improve your well-being in the New Year, then getting active is a good start. The healthcare providers of West Hills Hospital are always available to offer personalized health guidance to individuals throughout the West Hills community.

Understanding the Recommendations

The current recommended guidelines for weekly physical activity were released in 2008 by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. These guidelines advise adults to get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise every week. However, getting 300 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise or 150 minutes of vigorous exercise each week offers even more health benefits. Additionally, the guidelines recommend that adults do muscle-strengthening activities on at least two days per week.

Talking to Your Doctor About Exercising Safely

If you are currently physically inactive, you may wish to consult your physician before you begin an exercise program. This is especially important for individuals with certain medical conditions such as diabetes and asthma. Your doctor can help you learn how to exercise safely despite your medical condition. If you have mobility limitations, you may be referred to a licensed therapist or fitness specialist.

Enjoying Your Exercise Program

When beginning a new exercise program, it’s best to start slowly. You might begin by exercising for 10 minutes at a time two or more times per day. As your fitness level improves, you can increase the duration and intensity of your workouts. The key to achieving exercise goals is to choose activities you genuinely enjoy. Experiment with different types of workouts to find a mixture that works for you. These may include traditional workouts such as jogging on the treadmill or you might prefer to enroll in a martial arts class.

If you need help getting active, the Center for Fitness and Rehabilitation at West Hills Hospital features a multidisciplinary team of fitness specialists, registered dietitians, and licensed therapists. In addition to promoting the functional mobility of patients throughout the West Hills area, our community hospital is a proud provider of compassionate maternity services, spine and joint health, cancer care, and emergency care. Our Consult-A-Nurse line is available at (818) 676-4321.

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