What Is the Role of EMS in the Emergency Care Process?

EMS, or emergency medical services, are professional emergency care services provided by paramedics and trained police or firefighters. In most cases, EMS refers to care from paramedics and ambulance transportation to a hospital or emergency care center for treatment of a serious injury or illness. Learning more about the role of emergency medical services in the emergency care process can help you better understand how emergency care is administered and the steps you should take in an emergency situation.

Administering Onsite Care

During medical emergencies , it’s essential to receive care as quickly as possible. EMS workers play an important role in serious situations by administering onsite care as soon as they arrive. In emergency situations such as heart attacks, severe allergic reactions, and excessive bleeding, emergency medical services can provide life-saving treatment upon arrival and during the trip to the emergency room.

Moving Patients Safely

After a situation that causes a spine injury or head trauma, moving an individual or bringing them to the hospital by car can put them at risk. Emergency medical services improve patient outcomes with the knowledge and means to safely move a patient who is badly injured to avoid causing further damage before medical treatment can begin.

Alerting Emergency Care Providers

When you drive to the emergency room on your own, staff won’t know about your needs until you walk through the door. Emergency medical services are in constant contact with hospitals and emergency care centers, allowing them to call ahead and alert emergency care providers when immediate care or additional measures such as surgery may be needed. This service helps to ensure that patients begin receiving necessary care much sooner, especially in serious situations.

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