Building Better Wellness for the Whole Family

West Hills Hospital provides comprehensive inpatient and emergency care services for your entire family when you need them most, but prevention is the true key to staying healthy. Fortunately, there are some simple steps that you can take to protect your family’s wellness and achieve better health together. Overall wellness not only helps to reduce the risk of many chronic conditions, but it also helps to ensure a speedy recovery when an illness does strike. Here are some tips to make health a priority for your family.

Clean Out Your Pantry

The foods you eat have a tremendous effect on your overall wellness. Take stock of your pantry and refrigerator, and evaluate the foods that you have on hand. Get rid of processed foods that are filled with excess sugar, fat, and salt, and replace them with whole foods that are packed with nutrients. If you don’t keep things like cookies, sodas, and chips in the house, no one can reach for them when snacking at home. Before long, your family will develop a taste for these healthier snacks and will enjoy a lower risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.

Make Handwashing a Rule

Your hands pick up germs throughout the day that is easily transferred to your eyes, nose, and mouth. Washing your hands is a simple way to reduce the chances of picking up an infection, especially during cold and flu season. Make it a rule that everyone in your house washes his or her hands before eating anything. Don’t forget to show young kids the right way to wash their hands effectively.

Plan to Play Together

Being active every day is an important part of being healthy. Getting active as a family gives you a chance to spend time together while staying healthy. Take a walk every day after dinner, play a weekend basketball game together, or race each other in the pool. Seeing parents being active sets an example that kids will remember for life.

West Hills Hospital provides a range of hospital services for every stage of life, from our maternity hospital in West Hills to our burn center and emergency care center. You can get a referral to a provider by calling (818) 676-4321.

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