Summer Safety Tips for More Fun in the Sun

Summertime is all about being outdoors and enjoying good times in the sunshine. However, for many people, it also ends up being about getting emergency care . ER visits skyrocket in the summer when more people are outside and taking part in new activities. You can reduce the need to add an ER trip to your summer schedule with these tips.

Use Sunscreen

Being outside for even a short period of time in the summer sun puts you at risk for a serious sunburn. Before you take part in outdoor activities, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher, and reapply it every two hours or after swimming or sweating heavily. You can further reduce your risk of sunburn by avoiding being outdoors during the peak heat of the day and by wearing a hat to protect your face. If you have a sunburn that blisters, or if you have symptoms of nausea or fever with your burn, consider seeking emergency care.

Avoid Bug Bites and Stings

For many people, bug bites are an annoyance, but for others, they can cause severe reactions. Wear mosquito repellant and use citronella candles to discourage mosquitos when sitting outdoors. Be aware of wasp nests and avoid walking barefoot so you don’t step on a stinging insect. As Dr. Natalie Shum of West Hills Hospital explains in this video , you may need emergency care for a bite or sting if the inflammation appears to be spreading or if the swelling from the bite increases. Always get emergency care if a sting or bite causes symptoms of anaphylaxis shock.

Practice Food Safety

When you’re eating outdoors, don’t forget that food safety rules still apply. Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold, and don’t eat anything perishable that has been sitting outdoors for more than two hours. Also be alert to cross-contamination and keep cooked and raw food separate.

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