What Are the Most Common Sources of Burns in the Summer Season?

At West Hills Hospital’s Grossman Burn Center , we provide compassionate, life-saving care for burn injuries year round. Burn risks abound in the summer, and fast treatment reduces pain, scarring, and the risk of infection. Take a look at some of the most common sources of summertime burns, so you can take steps to protect yourself.

When most people think of summer burns, they think of sunburns, and for good reason. Although most sunburns are annoying but easy to manage at home, some can be so serious that they require emergency care. If you experience a sunburn that blisters or causes swelling or nausea, consider going to the ER. You could have sun poisoning, a severe type of sunburn that should be treated by a doctor. You can avoid sunburns by always wearing broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 when you are outside and reapplying it every two hours. Consider avoiding the sun during peak hours and sitting in the shade rather than in direct sunlight.


Summer brings plenty of opportunities for cookouts, but open flames on a grill pose a burn risk. Never oversaturate charcoal with lighter fluid, and never attempt to use lighter fluid on a gas grill. Likewise, never attempt to start a charcoal grill with the top closed. When you’re cooking on a grill, wear short sleeves or tight-fitting long sleeves to avoid clothing accidentally dropping into the flames. Keep kids and pets clear from the grilling area and get burn care immediately if an accident occurs.

The Grossman Burn Center provides around-the-clock care at West Hills Hospital. If you experience a burn, come into the hospital for care at our burn center in West Hills or call (818) 676-4321 to speak to a nurse.

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