Common reasons men don’t see the doctor

Men have a reputation for health care avoidance. But for every excuse men give for not seeing the doctor, there’s at least one compelling counterargument. If the men in your life haven’t seen a doctor in over a year or are experiencing some unusual symptoms, you can reassure them that the physicians at West Hills Hospital are second to none. At our state-of-the-art hospital, we treat our patients like family because we live and work in the same West Hills communities. When it’s time to ask your guy to see a doctor, be prepared with a response to the following common excuses.

They don’t have primary physicians

One simple reason why many men don’t see their family doctors regularly is that they don’t have a family physician. Some men only see a doctor when they are sick or injured—and sometimes not even then. If your guy doesn’t yet have a family physician, it’s time to find one.

Family physicians are necessary because they keep track of their patients’ health over time. They provide personalized medical guidance, recommend health screenings and coordinate care with specialists. It’s important for every man to develop a long-term, working relationship with a family physician he trusts.

Doctor’s appointments take time

It’s tough to find an hour or two of spare time in a packed schedule, but that’s why many family physicians offer early appointments, allowing patients to get a checkup before work. Plus, preventive healthcare allows doctors to detect potential problems as early as possible. This can save patients a great deal of time later on.

If he’s still not convinced, compare annual exams to routine car maintenance. If your guy wouldn’t think of driving a car many thousands of miles without getting new spark plugs or an oil change, then he might see the sense in seeing a doctor now and then.

They wait out symptoms

It’s not uncommon for men to ignore health issues, like nagging back pain, unusual fatigue or daily headaches. They often try to tough it out, telling themselves that the symptoms will go away eventually. But you can tell your guy that when symptoms are persistent, they could indicate a more serious underlying health problem.

At West Hills Hospital, we are firmly committed to putting our patients first by giving them the one-on-one attention and superior care they deserve. Our healthcare providers in West Hills live in the same communities as the people we help, giving us a unique insight into their health needs. Call a member of our nursing staff at (818) 676-4321 and let us know how we can help you.

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