Managing the unique stresses of being a parent

If you’re a parent who is coping with the pressure of being pulled in all directions, then you’re not alone. Parents have a unique kind of stress that people without children can’t experience. You don’t have to suffer in silence, however. Help is available from your physician and many other community resources so you can learn to manage your stress while enjoying your family. Consider this advice as you look for new ways to conquer the pressure of parenthood.

Do fun things as a family
For parents, the demands of making sure day-to-day tasks, like homework and practices, can become all encompassing. Resist getting so distracted by everything that your kids have to accomplish that you forget to enjoy each other.

Carve out some time each week to have fun together as a family, and keep all of the other stressors off the table for that time. Instead of worrying about report cards and tests, spend an hour playing a game together or go see a movie. It will improve everyone’s relationships and take some of the stress off your shoulders.

Rely on your support systems
Make sure of the support systems you have available to you, whether it is your own parents who are willing to take the kids for a few hours or a playgroup that gives you a chance to vent to other parents. Using these resources gives you time to look after yourself.

If you don’t think you have a support system, build one. Look for parenting groups in your areas or ask a friend to help out with some babysitting.

Get professional help
Talk to your physician if you are feeling overwhelmed. He or she may refer you to a specialist or suggest medications that can help you overcome anxiety or depression. Your physician’s help could be the support you need to feel like you are in control again.

If you need a referral to a physician, call West Hills Hospital & Medical Center. You can reach the Consult-a-Nurse line at our hospital in West Hills by calling (818) 676-4321.

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