How volunteering can help you with depression

When you’re suffering from depression, even the most mundane activities can seem overwhelming. The idea of volunteering may sound like the last thing that could help you, but it could change your life. At West Hills Hospital and Medical Center, we offer a variety of volunteer opportunities that could give you the chance to make a profound impact on someone else’s life, which in turn could change the way you feel about your own. If you’re living with depression, here are some of the ways that becoming a volunteer could affect your symptoms.

You get to follow a structured program.
When you make a commitment to volunteer, an organization counts on you to hold up your end of the bargain. Although your commitment may be small in terms of overall time—two to four hours a week, in some cases—simply sticking to your schedule and being accountable can be a great reminder that you are capable of being reliable and focused.

The confidence you’ll build by successfully following your schedule will increase your confidence that you can replicate that success in other areas and could spur you to re-engage with parts of your life that you have let fall by the wayside.

You will experience a sense of accomplishment.
When you volunteer, you will get to see the impact of your actions in real time. Patients and their families will appreciate your efforts and be grateful for the help that you are providing.

Seeing how your efforts are affecting others will give you an enormous sense of accomplishment. It’s a reminder of how important you are to yourself and to other people, at a time when you may not truly value everything you have to give.

You will learn new skills.
As with any new experience, becoming a volunteer requires you to learn new skills and apply them successfully. As you become more confident in your role, you’ll be reminded of how capable you can be.

Are you interested in reaping the rewards of volunteering at West Hills Hospital and Medical Center ? We have opportunities for adults and high school students in a number of different roles, including gift shop volunteers and pet therapy volunteers. To find out more about the program and how to apply, please call our hospital in West Hills at (818) 676-4321.

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