Keep your hands safe this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without a turkey on the dinner table. If you’re responsible for carving the bird, keep in mind some basic safety precautions to protect yourself from serious hand injuries . From our family to yours, the emergency care team at West Hills Hospital wishes you a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Choose a sharp carving knife

Use a whetstone to sharpen your carving knife before getting to work on the bird. If your knife is sharp enough, it won’t take as much force to cut through the meat, which can reduce the risk of injuries. Individuals using an electric carving knife should carefully follow the instructions and safety precautions in the user’s manual.

Avoid using a knife to try to cut through bones. Instead, sanitize a sharp pair of kitchen shears and use these for bones.

Set up the carving station properly

Carve the bird in a well-lit area of the kitchen or dinner table. If you’re having a candlelit Thanksgiving dinner, turn the overhead lights on while carving the turkey.

Sanitize and thoroughly dry the carving board, and make sure it won’t slide around on the counter or table while you’re working on it. The handle of your carving knife should be completely dry. Otherwise, your hands could slip and sustain an injury.

Carve the turkey safely

Only cut away from yourself , and avoid placing your free hand in the path of the knife. Let each slice of meat fall to the carving board, instead of trying to catch it with your free hand.

Seek emergency care for serious injuries

If you do cut yourself, apply direct pressure with a clean cloth. If the bleeding won’t stop or is severe, an emergency care physician should treat you. You’ll also need medical care if you’re overdue for a tetanus shot, or you’re not sure if you’ve had this shot before.

This Thanksgiving and every other day of the year, the emergency care doctors and nurses are here to help. West Hills Hospital is a modern medical center with a newly renovated ER, short wait times and advanced medical technology. Call 911 for true medical emergencies, or call a registered nurse in West Hills at (818) 676-4321 if you have general healthcare questions.

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